Tuulik talu, Võivere küla, Väike-Maarja vald
voiveretuuleveski@gmail.com, kontakt Liivika Harjo (+372) 5668 8178
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Võivere windmill

Võivere windmill is a five-storeyed octahedral Dutch-type windmill, situated next to the Võivere end point of the Simuna-Võivere base line for the meridian arc measured by Struve. The Struve geodetic arc is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List  aimed to protect world's culural and natural monuments.

The renovation of Võivere windmill is in progress. In the future MTÜ Võivere Tuuleveski (NGO Võivere Windmill) would like to establish the Struve-Tenner Museum there to present to a wider public Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve and Carl Friedrich Tenner, astronomers and geodesists, who are known in the world, but less known in Estonia. Tourists visiting the Võivere end point of the Simuna-Võivere baseline will also be offered a great view of the refurbished windmill and an opportunity to get information about the life and work of the world-famous astronomers and geodesists.

Contact: Liivika Harjo

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